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Exploring the Next Frontier: How Virtual Tours Revolutionize Economic Development

We’re thrilled to share a testimonial from Curt Strouth, Community Development Director at the Sheldon Chamber Development Corporation, where he highlights the transformative impact of our Virtual Tour on their economic development initiatives!

In this captivating video, Curt takes us on a journey through their experience working with Egents to create a high-level overview of their community's development opportunities. Let's dive into some key insights from his testimonial!

"Egents Virtual Tour gave them almost a tangible touchable feel of an area, and that was exciting for us. You don't get that by sending a plat map over an email or sitting across the desk from somebody. This actually gives them a real touch and feel and immersiveness in the development itself." - Curt Strouth.

Curt emphasizes the importance of providing a boots-on-the-ground experience through our Virtual Tour, allowing stakeholders to explore the actual areas in their community from high-level overviews to ground-level immersion. It's like being there in person, virtually!

Their excitement is palpable as they utilize the Virtual Tour to showcase their development opportunities to potential investors and partners. With two exciting projects in the queue, they are on the cusp of announcing their first groundbreaking venture within the next three to four months. The possibilities are limitless!

"It immerses people into your developments. It's just an easy way, a one-stop shop, essentially, to market. I'm glad I found Egents. I would recommend using them and their team to showcase your community, your region, the economic development opportunities that you may have. I would do it again, and their team is bar none!" - Curt Strouth.

With the Egents Virtual Tour, they can now share a real-world, exact picture of their community's potential, bridging geographical gaps and reaching developers far beyond their city limits. It's an innovative and strategic way to market not only their developments but all their assets within the region!

As Curt's passion for our Virtual Tour shines through, we feel immensely proud to have played a role in empowering the Sheldon Chamber Development Corporation's growth and progress. Together, we're shaping a brighter future for their community!

Watch the full video to witness the power of immersive Virtual Tours and how it can revolutionize your economic development strategies!

Thank you, Curt Strouth, for sharing your testimonial, and thank you to the entire team at Sheldon Chamber Development Corporation for entrusting us with this incredible project!


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